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    The M08 tilt-pan units for surveillance cameras

    State of the Art for Surveillance Applications

    The M08 tilt pan unit represents State of the Art technology being much more than a regular turning mechanism for surveillance cameras The robust, high technology design and versatility of the M06 makes it an ideal component in modern remotely controlled surveillance systems.

    Precision Servo-controlled positioning

    The accurate servo-controlled positioning system allows the M08 to turn very rapidly towards the surveillance target. In addition to accurate, fast positioning, the M08 is capable of very slow motion which is needed especially with large focal length lenses. The positioning accuracy is up to 0.03 degrees and the unit supports 64 preprogrammed prepos positions. An unique feature that controls the maximum turning speed according to the zoom position of the lens, helps the user to maintain the surveillance target always in sight. The more far the zoom is, the slower the maximum speed is – user configurable

    The Video-insert functionality The M08 unit has three separately controllable video insert functions which can insert several different objects in the video signal. Typically the user selects to insert the name of the installation site, date and time stamps and/or a compass in the video signal e.g. True-Angle-Indication.

    The M08 is available also with dual-shelfs for two cameras.