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    The 2Com Multichannel Router

    Reliable, Secure and Redundant multichannel communications router with transparent functionality and firewalls.

    The 2Com-TETRA multichannel router represents a State-of-the-Art solution for secure and reliable multichannel communication in mobile and fixed applications. The 2Com-TETRA device utilizes efficiently all existing telecom networks such as TETRA, 3G, GPRS, Flash-OFDM, Satellite and xDSL to provide an uninterrupted communication channel between remote– and control room systems. All the parallel telecom channels appear as a single transparent, encrypted and robust data pipe between network peers.

    The advanced DSiP Distributed Systems intercommunication Protocol™ traffic engineering and routing protocol ensures reliable and secure communication links between network peers with no need to modify external software or devices needing reliable communication.

    The 2Com-TETRA device supports simultaneous communication over several operators networks in parallel, in such a way that the communicating devices believe they communicate over a single ultra-robust connection.

    2Com features:

  • Multiple communication interfaces: TETRA, 3G, UMTS, HSDPA/HSUPA, GPRS, WLAN, Ethernet T-base 10/100
  • Multiple peripheral interfaces: Ethernet T-base 10/100, USB, quad serial channels (RS232/484)
  • Internal Firewall with NAT capability
  • Roaming control
  • 3 isolated digital inputs, 2 relay outputs
  • GPS global positioning module
  • Interface for two SIM cards (dual teleoperator possibility for 2G/3G)
  • Remote software update capability
  • Wide supply voltage range: +10..+28Vdc
  • Power consumption min 3 W, max 22 W
  • Operational temperature range -40ºC…+50ºC (std. model)
  • Metal enclosure, size 215x125x40mm (depending on the configuration), weight 600g