News December 2014

The University of Applied Sciences Laurea published a book called Macico - Multi-Agency Cooperation In Cross-border Operations. Read about Macico

Cooperation between Public Protection and Disaster Relief actors across a border is a difficult task today because the teams on both sides of a border cannot communicate with each other. One of the reasons is that their communication systems cannot be linked easily. Other challenges are related with heterogeneous operational procedures, heterogeneous services and the lack of trust between cooperating parties. The MACICO project presents a concept for interworking of security organizations in their daily activity that guarantees communications reliability, integrity and security.

News April 2013

Macico - Multi-agency cooperation in cross-border operations, is an interesting international project with Ajeco, Cassidian, Eolane, Abertis Telecom, Presom, Altech, Genaker and Laurea Univeristy of Applied Sciences. Macico

News April 2013

Ajeco is participating in a project called "MOBI - Mobile Object Bus Interaction" together with Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Insta, Cassidian, Sunit, the Finnish Police and Tekes.
Mobi is about communication infra for public safety vehicles. The Mobi project

News April 2013

Ajeco is participating with Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK), Cassidian, Descom, Jykes and Relator in a security project namedJyvSecTec

"The operational environment in information technology changes constantly and it makes the security challenges wider and more complex than before. This creates challenges especially in the field of cyber security. The term is commonly understood to include security aspects from all kinds of electronic data processing and communication in preventing and blocking security threats.

Narrowed down, cyber security can be defined as information network security, which includes preventing and blocking threats arising from networks themselves."Jyväskylän University of Applied Sciences

News August 1st, 2011

Ajeco is participating in two European Commission Security projects under the FP7 framework

Our role in both projects are to provide a redundant and secure communication solution based on the DSiP® technology.

The I2C (Integrated System for Interoperable sensors and Information sources for Common abnormal vessel behaviour detection and Collaborative identification of threat) integration project proposes a new generation of innovative sea border surveillance. Read more...

PERSEUS is an FP7 demonstration project supported by the FP7 Security Research theme under DG-Enterprise. Its purpose is to build and demonstrate an EU maritime surveillance system integrating existing national and communitarian installations and enhancing them with innovative technologies. Perseus is with Portugal, Spain, France and Italy and in 2014 with Greece.